What are the Gears of Chaos?

The Gears of Chaos are YOU. Keep our chaos magick technology grinding forward forever!

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This site is intended to be a communal dump of random chaos magick thoughts, techniques, rituals, etc; articles written by the rich tapestry of chaos magicians who lurk the interwebz. Have fun!


What is Chaos Magick?

Chaos Magick is a post-modern style of occult magick with a focus on creativity, paradigm shifting, multiplicity of self, gnosis, and “belief as a tool”. [read more]


CMG Calendar

The CMG Sexy Calendar is cumming soon! The main monthly pictures will be sexy/dark/magical themed, and certain days of the year will be marked with funny, crazy, or relevant pictures. It will also feature holidays, dates of astrological events etc. which are already being compiled. This will be a real art project so we need …

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