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This site is intended to be a communal dump of random chaos magick thoughts, techniques, rituals, etc; articles written by the rich tapestry of chaos magicians who lurk the interwebz. Have fun!


What is Chaos Magick?

Chaos Magick is a post-modern style of occult magick with a focus on creativity, paradigm shifting, multiplicity of self, gnosis, and “belief as a tool”. [read more]


OK Broomer.

When they start talking about the threefold law in your chaos magick thread. Edit: I don’t follow this band super close and was not aware of their recent scandal, just that they were into cm. This is in no way an endorsement of them as people. They sound like garbage people.

Burn It All Down: An Antifascist Spellbook – by The Yerbamala Collective

Here’s a lovely spell book I saw posted in a group, and happened to download before it was deleted! BURN IT ALL DOWN: AN ANTIFASCIST SPELLBOOK YERBAMALA COLLECTIVE (& IT HARM FASCISTS DO WHAT THOU WILT // WE’RE HERE TO BANISH, BIND, & DESTROY ALL THESE FUCKED UP JAWNS // GET YR WANDS READY // …

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