CMG Temporarily Down (edit: Up Again!)

CMG will be temporarily offline (archived) as two of their mods are out of the picture briefly with important personal matters to attend to.

ETA back up is Wednesday.

No this doesn’t have anything to do with any of the wild speculation going around. You’re all just maniacs and the group would literally burst into flames if left unattended.

Updated 11/26/18 10pm est:

Updated 11/28/18:

CMG is back up now, but not before a bunch of childish attacks and trolling aimed at Jo, who was in the midst of grieving a grave personal tragedy.

CMG Calendar

The CMG Sexy Calendar is cumming soon!

This is a fun, completely voluntary project for the community and will be sold at printing cost, no profit.

The main monthly pictures will be sexy/dark/magical themed, and certain days of the year will be marked with funny, crazy, or relevant pictures. It will also feature holidays, dates of astrological events etc. which are already being compiled.

This will be a real art project so we need a model release form (PDF / DOC) from you!

Nudity is fine but something nice enough to be on a calendar, not just a standard dickpic or mirror selfie. Highest quality you can manage!

Your personal information will be confidential so don’t worry about your name appearing on it, just whatever you are willing to bare in your photo 😉

Please submit pictures and release form to either Alicia, Lenka, or Jasmine. Thank you!

General deadline is 11/26.
Headliner submission (by request and scheduled shoots) deadline is 12/1.

This has already turned into pretty good sized group of volunteers working on this project. Let us know if you’d also like to help!