Use of Tarot Cards to Call Forth Spirits in Absence of Astrological Cooperation

This article is a continuation of my previous work titled “On Agrippa’s ‘Of the calculating Art of such names by the tradition of the Cabalists’” and assumes the spirit-names are derived through the methods explained therein.

When calling spirits it is useful to create an environment from which they can emerge naturally – an energy structure that provides the correct triggers to construct a connection to the intended spirit. The most powerful of these, in my opinion, is when the Spirit’s corresponding planet is rising in its corresponding sign, followed by the corresponding day of the week while the correct sign is coming over the horizon. However, both of these methods assume that the mage has time to wait for the proper energy to come around again naturally which, in the case of the first method could take years, or in the second up to a week. Luckily, there are other tools we can use to pull these same triggers when the stars just do not align – or when they do and we want to give the spell an extra push. In this article, I will walk through using Tarot Cards for this effect.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot has been connected to the Hebrew alphabet since the mid 18th century and were solidified into the predominant Kabbalistic system by Eliphas Levi and Theosophy in the 19th. They have been designated as such. I do not agree with the astrological associations found on this chart

Selecting the Cards

Select the cards that correspond to the three letters selected for your spirit name from the Major Arcana. Arrange these in a triangle, first letter in the top, the next in the bottom right, then the third in the bottom left.

Next choose a card from the Minor Arcana that represents the specific situation that you need help in, if you are seeking a spirit to help you grow in a specific way, it may be useful to choose two cards – one representing your current situation and one representing where you wish to grow to; typically these two cards are in the same suit. The Suit of Air relates to positions of Authority and Influence. The Suit of Fire relates to areas of Knowledge and Learning. The Suit of Water relates to aspects of Relationships and Emotions. The Suit of Earth relates to problems with Possessions and Material Wealth. A tarot reading or similar act of divination is a useful way to determine what these cards may be. If you choose one – place it in the center of the triangle, if you chose two, place them on either side.

Energizing and Casting

Find the corresponding Elemental Invoking Pentagram for the element of the card(s) chosen from the Minor Arcana. Overlay it on your chosen cards, and trace it starting in the correct point and moving in the correct direction – note the order of the cards and write down the letters associated with each in that order. The center is associated with the two side points of the pentagram if only one card was chosen. This order is the seal and mantra you will use to charge the environment. An additional prayer may also be constructed out of the letters being used, if the Magus chooses, using certain acrostic Pslams.

First cleanse, sanctify, or prepare in whichever way your paradigm dictates. Then, starting in the direction corresponding to the element of the spirit visualize and cast the seal in each direction while intoning the mantra (both determined by the previous paragraph). From there, using the the cards as a focus on your altar, call the spirit in any way deemed fitting, according to which methods are most comfortable and useful for the Magus.

I hope this article has been useful and all readers were able to find something they could use!


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Use of Entheogens to Assist in Achieving Gnosis

Hallucinogenic Drugs have had a stigma attached to them through the decline in their therapeutic and spiritual use and subsequent rise in purely recreational use (and abuse). This stigma (as well as political motivation) lead to their criminalization. Recently, the therapeutic value of many of these drugs is being re-examined – both their effects in controlled medium-to-large doses in specific environments and in day-to-day microdoses – and reintroduced to society. I believe that alongside this, we should also examine their spiritual uses – which typically involves taking large doses in completely and expertly controlled environments as a sacrament during ritual to induce Gnosis. In the following document I hope to outline the practical application of a few of these sacraments, focusing on DMT, Psilocybin, and LSD.

DMT can be consumed either orally as Ayahuasca (though other plants added to the mix will a­ffect the experience), orally alongside an MAOI as Pharmahuasca, or vaporized. DMT has been referred to as “The Spirit Molecule”, due to the intense and distinctly spiritual nature of the experience, and “The Businessman’s Trip”, as when DMT is vaporized the effects only last around 15 minutes with distinctly stimulant-like increase in mood as an aftereffect. A large (typically 55-65 mg, vaporized) or “breakthrough” dose of DMT will lead to a state of Syncretic Gnosis. Once ingested, you will find yourself transported to another world where you are able to interact with entities typically either in a party or board meeting like setting, typically returning with a message, goal, or lesson learned. Which entities are present, the specific setting, and subsequent interaction will be affected and directed by the preceding ritual and personal paradigm. DMT is particularly useful for contact or identification of specific entities and Gods, divination, and spirit/energy healing. DMT works best when used for contact with “high vibration”/right-hand path/angelic and neutral entities, Salvinorin A is a better choice if the spirit in question is distinctly “low vibration”/left hand path/demonic, though DMT will usually still work.

Psilocybin is the psychedelic component found in over 200 species of Magic Mushrooms. Psilocybin is ingested orally either by eating dried mushrooms or drinking a tea made from them. Doses starting at Terrence McKenna’s famous “five grams, by yourself, in a dark room” and higher will induce a state of Transcendent Gnosis, lasting 4-8 hours, however, it is worth noting that not all mushrooms are created equal and some are much more potent than others – be careful! In this state you are able to remember your godhood and feel the connection of all consciousness. This state is ideal for channeling and invocation work, as well as for simply examining consciousness and growing closer to Godhood. Psilocybin is best used for examining the Divinity in yourself and other humans – though it also makes you aware of any spirits in your immediate location, Mescaline is better for “vision quests” or examining the Divinity in yourself and your community in relation to external transcendent and local spirits.

Alongside LSD, I would like to mention LSA and LSH. These drugs vary in specific effect and strength, but all work as a door to the subconscious. They are the most “recreational” of the psychedelic drugs and create a state where your subconscious mind merges with your conscious mind, creating a kind of Local Gnosis, which elevates your consciousness closer to Godhood, while maintaining your individual identity and stay rooted in your physical body (DMT distances you from the physical but you maintain your identity, Psilocybin distances you from individual identity but you stay rooted in the physical). This is useful for “self hypnosis”, spell casting, enchantment, and learning/practicing new magical techniques and paradigms, as the effects of the drug allow an image and meaning to be quickly burned into your subconscious, where it will remain when you return to baseline sobriety. However, this also makes these drugs dangerous, especially in high doses– external influences can act as a kind of brainwashing and cause persistent changes to a person’s thought patterns.

Obviously this is not a comprehensive list of Entheogens and drugs that have spiritual potential, just a quick examination of some of the common ones that can be used for each of the kinds of Gnosis sought through ritual. All information gathered and presented is for entertainment and research purposes only, as these substances remain illegal for the most part.