A Chaos Magician’s Take on the LBRP

It’s one of the most essential and easy to learn rituals of protection that enable a magick worker to ply their trade. It’s designed to easily rid yourself of negative and unwanted energy. It also serves as a barrier in the event others seek to harm you with their own workings.

Many occultists are familiar with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Many modern magicians don’t use the ritual for various reasons – they disagree with the use of what they consider “Judeo-Christian” symbology, they don’t believe in rituals, or they’re too lazy to do it. I know that because I was one of them.

How I learned to love the LBRP

As a chaos magician, I have a tendency to shy away from rituals in an attempt to develop my own, non-dogmatic, ways of working magick. That being said, I decided upon the urging of a mentor and friend to incorporate this ritual into my daily practices. For those unfamiliar with the LBRP, here are some instructions:

Perform the Kabbalistic Cross as follows:

Imagine, at the first word intoned, a brilliant white light descend from above.

Touch the forehead and vibrate ATEH (thou art)

Imagine the same brilliant white light from a 6-inch diameter sphere just above the crown of your head.

Touch the middle of the solar plexus and vibrate MALKUTH (Kingdom)

Imagine a shaft of light descending from the Crown Sphere and descending to the feet where another 6 inch sphere expands just under your feet.

Touch the right shoulder and vibrate VE-GEVURAH (and Power)

Imagine a 6 inch sphere of brilliant white light appearing just next to the right shoulder.

Touch the left shoulder and vibrate VE-GEDULAH (and Glory)

Imagine a shaft of light emerging from the right Sphere and cross your breast to expand and form another Sphere on your left shoulder.

Clasp the hands before you and vibrate LE-OLAHM (for ever)

At this point, imagine clearly the cross of light as it extends through your body.

Hands as before, with the dagger between fingers, point up, vibrate AMEN

Note: Any image or figure traced in the air with a finger, dagger or another magical instrument is to be imagined in a brilliant scintillating white light. In more advanced working, other colors may be used. Make sure that all images drawn are correct, as brilliant as possible, and complete. The beginning and end of a drawn Pentagram must come completely together.

Draw, in the air facing EAST, a banishing Earth Pentagram as shown in the diagram, and bringing the point of the dagger to the center of the Pentagram, vibrate the Name Y H V H (pronounced YAHD HEY VAU HEY)

Imagine that your voice carries forward to the LIMITS of the UNIVERSE.

Without moving the dagger in any other direction, trace a semicircle before you as you turn toward the SOUTH. Again trace the Pentagram, bring the dagger to the center of it, and vibrate the Name ADNI, (pronounced AH-DOH-NEYE)

Again, trace the semicircle with the dagger to the WEST, trace the Pentagram, bring the dagger to the center, and vibrate the NameAHIH, (pronounced EH-YEH)

Then, turn towards the NORTH, while tracing the circle, trace the Pentagram, bring the point of the dagger to the center and vibrate the Name AGLA, (pronounced either AH-GAH-LAH or ATAH GIBOR LE-OLAHM ADONAI)

Return to the EAST, completing tracing the circle of brilliant white light, bringing the dagger point to the center of the EAST Pentagram.

Extend the arms in the form of a cross, say: BEFORE ME (then vibrate) RAPHAEL (pronounced RAH-PHYE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel in front of you and facing you. In his/her right hand is a magical Sword held with the point upright. The background is a pale, pure, bright yellow. Cherubs can be imagined near the Archangel. Imagine a gentle, refreshing breeze, cleansing and purifying the air.

Then, say: BEHIND ME (then vibrate) GABRIEL (pronounced GAH-BREE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating, brilliant white Archangel behind you and facing you, holding in their right hand an exquisite silver Chalice. He/she is standing on a Cerulean-blue ocean and dolphins or mermaids are nearby. Imagine feeling the mist and cool spray of the ocean breeze.

Then, say: AT MY RIGHT HAND (then vibrate) MICHAEL (pronounced MEE-CHYE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel at your right, facing you, and holding in their right hand a transparent scarlet red wand with a scintillate pure diamond top. Waves of scarlet, red-orange and orange fire in the background. SEKHMET, with a scarlet disk above her head, emerald green Uraeus, scarlet dress from just below breasts, tight-fitting, down to her ankles, is in the flames. She holds, in her left hand, a scarlet-red lotus wand. In her right hand, she holds an emerald-green ankh. Small black salamanders can be seen moving among the flames. Imagine you feel the heat and power emanating from the SOUTH.

Then, say: AT MY LEFT HAND (then vibrate) AURIEL (pronounced AWE-REE-EHL)

Imagine a scintillating brilliant white Archangel on your left, facing you, and holding between their hands a disk with a scintillating white pentagram in the center. The ground is russet-brown, the leaves of the trees are olive-green, there are black shadows from the trees in a number of places, and the light is citrine (light yellow-green.) Feel the solidity of the Earth, and imagine the odor of the leaves and muskiness of the ground.


Imagine the complete circle of brilliant white light at whose quadrants are the 4 Pentagrams. At the center is the Cabbalistic Cross of Light extended through one’s body.

Repeat the Cabbalistic cross, and, according to some occultists, stamp your right foot at the conclusion of the complete operation. The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is performed preliminary to any magical operation and precedes the Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram.

So, yeah, heavy on the ritual.

As a chaos magician, I can see the possible disdain for such a ritual, for many reasons. Too much dogma, too difficult to remember, and a number of other reasons. However, as a chaos magician, I also see a way out of this.

All Magick is Powered by INTENT.

Yes, the ritual aspect is important. It shows respect for the entities you’re evoking to aid you in your pursuit. That being said, there is room for change to fit more closely with your personal paradigm. I know, I know… traditionalists will disagree. I am not a traditionalist. I’m an explorer and a psychonaut. I will not be limited by stricturek and arbitrary rule sets.

The important part of modifying the LBRP is to make sure the intent is still the same. You’re asking for protection and trying to rid yourself of negative energy. Here are the recommendations I have if you want to make your own ritual that fits your needs:

Hebrew is not necessary.

Yes, I know. It’s the way it’s always been done and the words are “magic.” I’m here to tell you something… ALL words are magick. They’re one of the very first forms of magick that humanity as a species worked with, transforming thoughts and thought forms into something that could be understood and grasped by other humans. This led to the viral spread of knowledge, culture, and communion between humankind that still continues to this day. Sounds like magick to me.

The Pentagram isn’t necessary either.

Again, I know… sacrilege. In fact, I don’t even refer to my version of the ritual as the LBRP. I just call it the LBR. Symbols are interchangeable if you have the intent to power them. Let me say it again, intent is everything. I’ve modified all sorts of rituals and they’ve worked as intended due to the intent. For this ritual in particular, I created my own sigils.

The Archangels aren’t necessary, but highly recommended.

The main argument I’ve always seen against this ritual is the use of Judeo-Christian symbology. I will state, unequivocally, that angels existed well before Judaism and Christianity or any other Abrahamic religion. They existed will before Abraham. They existed well before this universe was even created or came into creation.

I also cannot understate how powerful angelic magick is and how it can supercharge your work. While many entities are out there from which to draw power, 3,000 plus gods and goddesses are currently worshipped, the angelic presence doesn’t require worship. It only requires respect and honesty, with yourself and them. Beware, your masks won’t help with angels. They see through to the real you, no matter what. Be true to them and they will be true to you.

In the end, it’s up to you.

Truly, if you actually dedicate yourself to the path of the chaos mage, change and adaptability is key. You must reject the dogma that says your magick is limited to this way or that and blaze a new path. Yes, history and tradition should play an important part in your occult education and practice. It should not, however, be a limiting factor.

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