Drawing in Massive amounts of Energy.

Stand with your ankles together, toes pointed outward as if making an open triangle with your feet. Gently grip the ground with your toes, and rotate your pelvis upward underneath your spine very subtle (as if trying to point your groin at the ceiling). Pop your chest upward and very subtly squeeze your scapulas towards your spine and then lower them as if you are trying to put them in your back pocket. Relax the shoulders. Close your eyes and relax your body. Feel how the center line of your body connects with gravity. You may sway like a tree. To keep your balance make sure you are gently gripping the ground with your toes. You want to feel as if you are planted with your knees softly bent. You should feel almost as if you are seated and floating.

Begin to inhale from the crown of your head first by inflating the belly sending the air to the kidneys first. As you expand your belly you are pulling energy in from the cosmos through your body and down into the earth. Your breath must be slow, your breath must be deep. The slower the better. Upon expansion of the belly, as you slowly inhale, imagine/feel yourself suctioning in massive amounts of energy in the same way that a syringe needle pulls in liquid through capillary action. After your circuitry feels nice and full, continue with any practical magick.

The mind of a magician is not concerned with heaven nor hell, pain nor pleasure. The mind of a magician resides in the void.

Blessings and love to you.

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