Eris Planetary Kamea – 23×23 Magic Square

The artisan Victor Vieira has created an Eris planetary kamea.

It’s a 23×23 magic square for making sigils with, and it’s based on the dwarf planet named after the goddess Eris. Check it out:

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Eris kamea, 23x23 magic square

About the Éris Kamea (Eris’s Magickal Square):

‘Like all magickal square is the result of arithmetic progression, I decided to create a magickal square of 23×23 based on the maximum goddess number of discordianism, it has been. Since every Kamea is a planetary magical square, attributes the tool to the astro 136199 Éris for the creation of sigils based on the astrological force of Éris.

  • (Eris is not about time, so it is not associated with a day of the week or a specific month, although we discordians celebrate their day on 5/23. Eris concerns the background in which time and space rest within this “objective” reality) Eris’s work is associated with timelessness and the possibility of time / space modulation affecting her relativity directly in alignment with Chaos.
  • Arts, aesthetic innovations, Ain – Ain Soph – Ain Soph Aur.
  • Oracles, lucid dreams, astral projections, sudden changes in “objective” reality, small and large scale social conflicts, revenge.

-Victor Vieira

Find more of Victor’s work here:

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